hierThe written word.

It has been around for centuries, even millenniums. From the rock-carved scrawl in ancient tombs to the latest jibber in Twitterland, proper verbiage has long served as the conduit between its messenger and intended recipient(s).

In the business world, that message is the key essential for any company’s growth and success. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh startup or flourishing megacorp. Crisp, enticing copy is often the main ingredient for reaching a wide spectrum of potential clients.

Without a quality wordsmith, however, the message can often become lost, misdirected, or overlooked. It’s like casting out a fishing line without knowing how to bait your hook. Or attempting to serve a five-star entrée without a seasoned waiter.

Ted Bodenrader is a globally-renowned writer with experience in almost every conceivable form of literacy. With three decades of crafting press releases, web copy, sales letters, whitepapers, technical user guides, feature articles – anything and everything pertaining to print, he’s also a multi-media personality with national exposure on both television and radio.

You’ve worked diligently to lay the foundation for your company’s success. Perhaps all your outfit needs now is a polished messenger to reach the outside world. Or a prolific editor to sculpt your sales material to perfection.

Your product is the bait for ensuing your company’s long-term business prosperity.

Ted Bodenrader may be your hook.